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COMPLEXIONZ mission statement.

The essence of COMPLEXIONZ.

Four steps to perfect skin.

COMPLEXIONZ urges caution.

COMPLEXIONZ: More for what you pay for.

Some startling facts about cosmetic purchasing.

Why women should choose COMPLEXIONZ as their skin solution series.

Additional factors that determine the natural condition of the skin.

Caring for your complexionz selections.

Custom COMPLEXIONZ: Made for you specifically.

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Our professional commitment to aestheticians and spa owners.

Professional distribution enquiries.

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What is complexionz?
COMPLEXIONZ is a performance-related, solutions-oriented skin care system designed specifically for women and their many unique types of complexions. As part of the Root Source Inc. (R.S.I.), company, patrons of COMPLEXIONZ can be assured of the highest standards in manufacturing and formulating. As with all Root Source Inc., brands COMPLEXIONZ is made with the latest in ingredient and production technologies.
COMPLEXIONZ Skin Solutions Series for women has been extensively researched to ensure only the highest degree of performance while retaining the highest measures in safety and efficacy. All products in COMPLEXIONZ have been formulated by a leading formulator and owner of a prestigious high-end aesthetics therapy salon located in super natural British Columbia.

Sourcing product concept.
Senior R&D management from R.S.I. have travelled the world over to interview leading manufacturers and chemists for the latest advances in skin care technology for women. With particular attention on the countries of France, Germany, USA and Japan, this management team brought back the information and began the arduous process of creating an entirely new line of skin care treatments designed only for the complexions of women.
For over 4 years management of COMPLEXIONZ, the appointed senior formulator and many focus groups have determined the types and performance levels expected in a new (language) line of skin care. COMPLEXIONZ believes we have accomplished a line of products that will show ‘real’ results that last.

COMPLEXIONZ mission statement.
COMPLEXIONZ has established a series of goals and objective that would guide us in developing this outstanding high performance Skin Solutions Series of products. The following is a brief outline of the goals and objectives included in our Mission Statement to our professional and public patrons.
All our products will be created with the following guidelines & commitments in mind:
Performance related.
Solutions oriented.
Multi use in purpose.
Convenient to use.
Ease of application.
To fight free radicals with powerful, natural anti-oxidants.
To promote Cellular Regeneration and Renewal naturally.
To increase Collagen production within the skins tissues.
100% Water Soluble.
Highest possible degree of efficacy.
Use of herbal extracts and herbal blend that are naturally derived and/or organic in origin where available.
Provide real solutions for hands, face, body & feet.
Never to test on animals.
To be environmentally friendly and eco-conscious.
To promote the highest degree of integrity and trust in our company and products.
100% Canadian Made & Owned.
To be community oriented and globally motivated.

Why women should choose COMPLEXIONZ as their skin solution series.
When you look at the stats listed below you will see that a startling number of women are purchasing their skin care products from supermarkets, drug stores and other mass retailers. In fact their purchases add up to more than $1.5 Billion dollars per year (see SOME STARTLING FACTS listed below).
The fact is that products produced by the mass manufacturers for these markets use a high number of synthetic ingredients and often the products contain various levels of plastics, waxes and unrefined oils. A good example is the purchasing of Vitamin A, D, C, or E facial creams. Mass retail producers use synthetic vitamin ingredients in these creams and usually use so little there is no way the products contain enough to have any effect. If you check on the back of the ingredient listings you will often note that these vitamin additives are listed last or close to it. The rest is what the industry calls ‘fillers’, junk ingredients that will give the effect of what the product is suppose to do instead of actually doing it.
What these companies rely on is woman reacting to hip, cool or extravagant packaging to make the sale. COMPLEXIONZ believes that a major component to the high sales in cosmetics is that fact that once woman purchase the ‘packaging’ they are more than likely disappointed with the product inside and before it is finished they have gone out to purchase yet another. This is not unlike the hair care purchased in these same environments. After a few months of use the hair is dry and brittle or oily and the consumer switches to another brand only to have it happen again and again. The same holds true with skin care.

Some startling facts about cosmetics purchasing.

Information Resources Inc. statistics for the total supermarket, drug and mass merchandisers sales for the last 52 weeks ending May 16th, 2004 (excluding Wal-Mart, Spa/Professional products, and other sources such as web sales)
SKIN CARE IN TOTAL SALES $1,562,200 Billion
BODY ANTI-AGING $34 million
FACIAL ANTI-AGING $315 million

COMPLEXIONZ: More for what you pay for.
In recognizing the stats above and in our goal to give woman real skin solution, we are committed to giving you ‘more for what you pay for’. Your confidence in our products and your continued loyalty is what we strive for and what we are please to say we excel in.
Our line of products has been tailored to the majority of women in today’s world. Each product serves a multi-purpose were possible to facilitate more than one skin challenge at a time. The result of multi –targeting is it takes less time to complete your skin care regimen and thus is must easier.
Do women want a skin care line that produces better results – in less time - than she has ever received and can save her time? The answer is obvious – YES ! COMPLEXIONZ delivers both. Your skin will be: tighter and firmer, exhibit heightened levels of clarity, a noticed reduction in pore size and definition, show a marked decrease or removal of wrinkles, fine lines and creases, have an overall improvement in tone and definition and give the appearance of vibrant, alive and more youthful looking skin.

The essence of COMPLEXIONZ.
What sets us apart from all other skin care lines is our understanding of and commitment to ingredient selection. We have sourced out many specialized ingredients and some that multi-target skin conditions. Each of these ingredients have a specific reason for being in the products and are in our products at a level where they are able to have a direct effect on the surface or in the tissues of the skin cell itself.
Some of the base ingredients found throughout our Skin Solutions Series are:
MALIC ACID : The most refined and pure forms of Glycolic acid. This ingredient is gentle while being highly effective especially in the use of exfoliation products.
HYALURONIC ACID : Without question this is an ingredient that will revolutionize the skin care market with its super-hydrating properties. Derived from cucumber the effects are instant and longer lasting than any other moisturizing ingredient used in modern cosmetics.
POLYSYNLANE : One of the first things a woman notices when applying her skin care regimen is the ‘feel’ or ‘slip’ of application and the time it takes to be absorbed into their skin. In fact, many women make their product selections and purchases based on these two elements of performance alone. COMPLEXIONZ realizes this fact and as a result decided to use Polysynlane as our carrier of choice. In addition to Polysynlane providing an incredible ‘feel’ on application and rapid response time in absorption, this discovery is also capable of delivering the other active ingredients into the skin providing maximum benefits. Polysynlane is also known as Polysynlane and is refined through cold-press extraction from the finest and highest cosmetic grade of olive oil (an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals).
PLANT POLYPEPTIDES : This one ingredient alone is your greatest defender against the signs of aging that women have been combating for generations. Plant Polypeptides stimulates collagen production (the proteins found in connective tissue) in a way that is not found in any other ‘anti-wrinkle’ ingredient. The latest technology that is derived or synthesized from plant sources (cold-press extraction of roots, stems and leaves) is a superior ingredient to fight wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of ageing. Also know as Matrixl.
VITAMIN POSPHATES : The latest technology in Vitamin efficacy. Phosphates have replaced the more common acetates, ascorbic acids and palminates. While these ingredients are still included in products their strength is less than those that are phosphate oriented. Vitamin Phosphates are the strongest and purest form of vitamins known to science today allowing for the deepest penetration into the skins tissue and creating the maximum results possible. Vitamin Phosphate provides powerful anti-oxidants, anti-aging and anti-crease properties while retaining the long-lasting stability of the vitamin itself.
BOTANICAL EXTRACTS : Each product has a botanical combination of herbs and other botanicals such as flowers, vegetables, trees and oceanic plants that target specific skin challenges or are known to retain the condition of certain skin types. Derived from the steam extraction of the root, stems and leaves of specific plants.

The four steps to perfect skin.
A day in the life of a woman’s face or body takes a lot of abuse from the environment it is exposed too. Elements in the environment such as: dirt and grim, pollutants, exposure to damaging UV rays of the sun, recycled office air, dry heating or air conditioning are just a few of the culprits that work to age you skin before its time. In addition, the use of inferior products on the face and body all conspire to damage skin tissue. It is especially noticeable where skin tissue is thin or highly sensitive to these harsh elements such as the area around the eyes.
Proper cleansing is critical to retaining beautiful skin. A quality cleanser will remove these particles quickly and effectively without leaving behind unwanted residue or causing dryness or damage to the pore and tissue. COMPLEXIONZ has created cleansing products that will remove surface particles from the skin and also penetrate into the pores to eliminate the causes of blackheads, pimples, redness and other pore-related conditions.
COMPLEXIONZ highly recommends you use a high quality cleansing regimen twice daily; once in the morning and again prior to bedtime. Your morning cleansing will provide a base with which to protect and condition your face prior to exposing it to make-up and the outdoors. The evening cleansing will help remove make up or environmental build-up acquired during the day and leave the skin nourished and clean so it can rejuvenate itself while you sleep.
Please refer to the PRODUCT SELECTION section for the cleanser perfectly suited to your needs.
While CLEANSING removes the surface dirt from the top of the skin, EXFOLIATING removes the old or dead skin from the first layers of the skin. The result is to expose the new layer of skin underneath leaving the new skin vibrant, displaying a healthy sheen and more youthful in appearance. All of which defines true healthy skin.
Everyday your skin sheds dead skin cells, to expose the underlying ‘new layer’ of skin. These dead cells come off at varying times and from various places. This is a natural process but it does tend to make skin look dull and can lead to blackheads and other pore problems as the dead sells collect in the pore and combine with the sebum created there. The key to a healthy youthful appearance is the regular removal of these dead skin cells all at once, exposing the new layer of tissue at the same time, evenly over the face. The result of regular exfoliation is a more toned and even complexion, both leading to a healthy look of the skin.
When you exfoliate your skin, the products used are designed to remove as much of the dead skin as possible with as little irritation as possible. Of course you can go to a dermatologist and have your face surgically exfoliated, which will remove the entire first layer of your skin. This always leaves skin red and sore for a period of time till the new layer heals. While some women with ‘rough’ or ‘scarred’ skin may choose this option it is not recommended or really necessary.
There are four different types of exfoliation product. One; Micro exfoliation which uses enzymes and acids (common acids are Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acids), Two; Physical exfoliation with uses small grains, seeds or beads to remove the dead skin and Three; Gum exfoliation which uses a sticky, gum like approach to pull dead skin from the surface. Yourself or a qualified professional such as an aesthetician perform these first three. The fourth is dermabrasion and is only performed by an experienced and licensed dermatologist. This method medically removes the entire first layer of the skin all at once. Both healthy and dead skin cells are removed to expose a totally fresh layer of skin tissue underneath. While the results of such a procedure are usually satisfying, the embarrassment of walking around with a ‘sun burnt looking’ face and the soreness and tenderness that remains seldom makes it worth it. Not to mention the risk of infection. Unless your skin is severely scarred or rough from acne and the like, the first three are the solutions for most women.
With today’s exciting and leading technology there are solutions to proper exfoliation with great results. Look no further then the superior exfoliating products offered by COMPEXIONZ. Please refer to the COMPLEXIONZ SELECTION section for the product that is right for your complexion.
Among skin care professionals it is well documented and known that the greatest degree of ageing between the life-stages of childhood to old age is caused by continued exposure to the UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Protecting the skin is critical to keeping the skin young and healthy and will keep it that way as you age.
While lying in the sun and tanning can make you feel good continued and prolonged expose will in time not make you look good. A tan is only a temporary ‘feel good/look good’ sensation. In twenty years your skin will show all the signs of this over exposure to the sun. Deep creases or ‘leatherette skin’ are not an appealing sight. Even exposure in tanning booths takes its toll on the skin and will also produce signs of ageing.
COMPLEXIONZ skin experts simple state that if you want a tan then use tanning lotions that colour the pigment of the skins tissue. To date this is the only safe way of darkening skin pigmentation without creating serious side affects such as aging and even some forms of cancers.
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one million new cases of skin cancer occur each year.
Skin cancer (melanoma) accounts for more than 10,000 deaths.
UV rays are linked directly to premature again causing wrinkles, roughness and loss of elasticity.
Not all sunscreens are created equal. You get what you pay for.
Serious sun burning (even just one) in childhood can lead to serious permanent effects. Most children have many burns in their development.
Some exposure to the sun is good; the sun can ward off depression and enable us to process vitamin D
You are being exposed to harmful UV rays even when there are clouds and the day is hazy.
ORGANIC protection is the combination of natural, organic ingredients to protect the skin. All ingredients are found in nature. Their properties often allow for deeper penetration into the skin tissues offering critical protection.
CHEMICAL protective ingredients are also known as Inorganic. Inorganic is mined and form a physical barrier on the skin. This barrier sits on the top of the skin tissue and can often lead to poor skin conditions after prolonged use.
There is no question that global warming is seeing many changes in our environment. Simply put, the sun’s UV rays are more intense than ever and getting increasingly worse every year. While there are many sunscreens on the market, again, what you pay for is equivalent to what you get. Not all sunscreens are alike.
COMPLEXIONZ offers only the latest technology in its sunscreen products. It is recommended that a SPF factor of 30 to 45 works to eliminate the damaging effects of the sun. We cannot encourage women enough to select a COMPLEXIONZ Sun Solutions product that best suits your life style. COMPLEXIONZ works to ensure that your skin will retain its natural elastin properties (essential moisture) while providing a totally natural appearance to your skins texture and appearance.
Please refer to the COMPLEXIONZ SELECTIONS section to find the Sun Solution best suited for your needs.
Regardless of whether you are young or old, moisture replacement products will play a vital role in your skin care regimen. Most females are somewhat aware of this fact but again many choose their products poorly due to lack of real information supplied by the manufacturer or retailer. Many moisturizer products in the mass retail environments appear to work because they are made with a combination of plastics and wax derived ingredients. While the ‘appearance’ after using these products is that it is moisturizing, they are more likely placing unwanted build-up on your face and body. This can lead to breakouts and other skin irritations.
In the area of moisturizing, this is where COMPLEXIONZ recommends you not scrimp and save. Remember you get what you pay for. However, COMPLEXIONZ makes sure than when you purchase and use from our line of top quality moisturizers, you will get ‘more than you paid for’ when it comes to performance and the extended life of your skin.
It is recommended that each time you cleanse you moisturize. This would work out to morning and before bedtime. Making COMPLEXIONZ moisturizing products an essential part of your skin care regimen will see dramatic results in age prevention and reparation. The sooner a woman takes up this important addition to their regimen the longer they can prolong the signs of aging skin, as they mature.
COMPLEXIONZ life-giving Moisturizing products will give you a more toned, more elastic and more youthful overall appearance. The results are real and longer lasting than most conventional products available on the market today. We have divided our moisturizing products into two categories: Hydrating (the replacement of critical water to the skin) and Lubricating ( the replacement of essential oils to the skin.
Please refer to the COMPLEXIONZ SELECTIONS section to find out what Hydrating/Lubricating product is best suited to your skin type.

COMPLEXIONZ urges caution.
When using any skin care product especially new ones that you do as the professionals do and do a PACTH TEST prior to applying the product to your overall body or face. Regardless of how gentle a product is a consumer could be highly reactive to something it contains.
By simple putting a tiny bit of the product on the inside of your elbow for a few hours you will find out if you are reactive. While no one has had any sign of reaction to our quality products we always want to make sure the customer takes simple precautions especially if they know they’ve had strong reactions to products in the past.

Additional factors that determine the condition of your skin.
CLIMATE: If you live in a warm climate seasonally or annually, cleansing is required more often. This helps to remove excess oils and perspiration. Colder climes require more gentle cleansing practices. Moisturizing and Protection are required in both situations.
HORMONES: Hormones dictate the amount of sebum (oil) that is produced by your glands. Changes in hormone levels may require a variance in your skin can regimen.
DIET: What you eat and drink are essential to your skin condition. You can never have enough water although some recommend 8 glasses of water a day as the right amount. Avoid unhealthy food choices as this will not only affect your skin but body as well.
STRESS: Think positive and stay happy. Sounds simple but such a mindset will assist in good skin. Stress can do a lot of bad things to your skin, from breakouts to rashes and more. Get lots of rest and use relaxation methods such as Yoga to help you wind-down.
IMPROPER SKIN CARE: Use of harsh products will do damage to the skin over a long period of time. Usually this effect is drying and flaking.

Caring for your COMPLEXIONZ selections.
COMPLEXIONZ makes the smallest batches possible to assure freshness and efficacy of ingredients. We recommend that your products be used within ONE-YEAR period of time. If you choose to store your products to lengthen their live, we recommend you store them in the refrigerator. For daily storage please keep in a cold, dry place.
Do not expose to extreme heat or cold. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Complexionz selections for your Care Solutions
Selection: BATH OIL, DUO-ACTION, Cleanse and Regenerates
Selection: BODY WASH, Cleanse and Moisturize
Selection: HAND & BODY LOTION, Healing and Moisturizing
Selection: HAND SANITIZER, Anti-bacterial Gel
Selection: FOAMING FACE CLEANSER, Cleansing and Rejuvenation
Selection: CREAM FACE CLEANSER, pH Correction
Selection: FACIAL RINSE, pH Correction
Selection: ANTI OXIDANT SERUM, Free Radical defense
Selection: FACIAL RINSE, Moisturizing
Selection: FACE EXFOLIATION, Enzyme and Acid base
Selection: FACIAL MOISTURIZER, Hydrating and Lubrication Lotion
Selection: FACIAL MOISTURIZER, Hydrating and Lubrication Cream
Selection: FACIAL TREATMENT, Firmness and Discoloration
Selection: FACIAL TREATMENT, Firmness, Moisturize and Clarify
Selection: FACIAL ANTI-ACNE, Blemish Gel
Selection: FACIAL LIGHTENING, Pigment Alteration Serum
Selection: EYE THERAPY, Hydrating and Lubricating Cream
Selection: EYE THERAPY, Line and Crease Reduction Gel
Selection: SUN SOLUTIONS, Face Protectant and Moisturizer

Custom COMPLEXIONZ: Made for you specifically.
If you have a need or desire for a specific type of Body, Foot or Face product that has not been listed in the above SELECTIONS section, please click here (CLICK TO CONTACT US E MAIL SECTION). Indicate what you are looking for and what you want the product to do for you. Our laboratory personnel will work up a sample specifically for you and your skin challenge. A simple charge for a sample will be applied with your full consent. If you love the sample and we are sure you will, you can order this product in greater amounts.
Our mission is to provide Skin Solutions for woman around the world.

Order your COMPLEXIONZ selection today.
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Our professional commitment to Aestheticians & Spa Owners.
A leading aesthetician and practitioner of Spa Therapies and Treatments has formulated COMPLEXIONZ Skin Solution Systems. COMPLEXIONZ uses the only the highest grade ingredients and technologies for use by professional aestheticians and their clientele.
COMPLEXIONZ Skin Solution Systems is recommended for sale in all Spa retail environments and centers. This is the best consumer retail product line for women to ensure the proper care and maintenance of your clients skin between visits.
Please contact us for SPA PRICING and PRODUCT SUPPORT by going to our ORDER PAGE and filling out the required information. Or call us at our toll free number at 1.866.599.9595. No other product line on your shelf will exhibit the high level of dedication to your professional services.
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Professional distribution enquiries.
COMPLEXIONZ Skin Solution Systems is a Professional retail brand designed for sale in professional Spa and Salon/Spa settings. If you are interested in carrying this exceptional line of women’s skin care products we encourage you to contact us at for Distributor pricing and support information. We would also welcome a call on our toll free number so you can discuss opportunities in your area direct and increase the speed in which we can service you. Call 1.866.599.9595
If you are looking for something unique, high end and effective....look no further than COMPLEXIONZ Skin Solutions.
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