Why use an outside source for projects

Unlike most consultants in the work place, ROOT SOURCE INC., brings a truly fresh and new approach. While most consultants in business only work with their heads….as we say “from the waist up”……ROOT SOURCE INC. “ works with their whole body, including our legs.”

In other words, we roll up our sleeves and not only ‘think’ of the work that has to been done, but ‘do’ the work that needs doing. Our team knows that many corporate executives cannot do all the work that is required of them now. Common consultants give them more ideas and more work, it defeats the purpose because it loads an executive with more work. ROOT SOURCE INC. offers the solution. No matter the size of the project, we work with you to get the work done, on time and to total efficiency.

How we can assist you

Our team of seasoned professionals has a vast array of hand-on experience and working knowledge. Both of these facets will directly benefit you in the successful evolution of a corporation or products life. Often, a corporation needs assistance on a short-term or long-term base to accomplish strategies set out by corporations. ROOT SOURCE INC. is set up to accomplish such tasks. Instead of hiring personnel and incurring all the challenges and cost associated with employment, our expertise can be obtained on a consultancy basis or on a long/short term management basis. In the eventually that a full time employee becomes the solution to manage a project, we can also assist in hiring the right person to fulfill the task.

In today’s workplace environment, our Management and Consultancy options are a superior solution to some projects and planning strategies that corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs require. We have worked in such areas as: Safety Devises, Agricultural products, Real-estate, Political Campaigns, Investor Groups who acquire low performance companies and require management to bring them to their full investment capacities, personal care development for Food and Drug as well as the professional Salon and Spa environments, Personal Pleasure Products and a vast variety of specialty products and services.

We love the challenge and excel in your expectations.

Past experience in M & C environments

We have worked with investment groups, corporate directors, owners, brand managers and others to assist them in specific tasks to be accomplished. We have worked with many aspects of corporate and product development to help assure their successes in this global market place. We also work in educating and motivating your workforce to elevate their performance levels. Personnel in sales, marketing and distribution benefit greatly from our intriguing, enlightening and insightful presentations we can bring.

We invite you to contact us and meet with us regarding your individual or corporate needs. We will cover all aspects from sales strategies, production sourcing and operations, distribution networks, marketing strategies and various other aspects.

Not matter the product or service, ROOT SOURCE INC., Management and Consulting Division will bring you the expert knowledge you require to make a difference in your class of business. Many businesses and businesspersons have benefited from our approach to bringing both companies and brands to market in a fresh and vibrant way.

RSMC Ordering & Pricing

To initiate this service, we invite you to go to the ORDER PAGE (MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING) and fill in the required fields. In doing so you will be on your way to achieving the success you desire and deserve.