ROOT SOURCE INC., offers a new concept in vitamins and supplements: DURAVITA Vitamins & Supplements. DURAVITA has developed a unique formulation, which enables us to create the maximum amount of dietary value in the smallest possible format. This process known as SUPPLEPLEX uses only the most organic and pure forms of vitamins, herbs and other organic/natural compounds to create their ‘Power Pills’. DURAVITA makes its vitamins and supplements as small as possible with the highest standards of quality and purity.


These ‘power pills’ have obtained great market acceptance due to their ease of ingestion and digestion. From the smallest of children to the most senior adult and all those in between, can pop a power pill and get their daily nutritional requirements. Suppleplex is the process by which we remove the fillers and unneeded ingredients such as sugars, preservatives or artificial colors from our line of Vitamins and Supplements. Most vitamins on the market are filled with ‘fillers’ in order to make their pills look big and to give the consumer the false sense that ‘bigger means better’, when in fact it is exactly the pposite. Fillers and artificial coloring are hard to digest and offer no dietary value to the body.

DURAVITA with Suppleplex is the only answer to pure and powerful vitamins and supplements. DURAVITA offer a range of Vitamin C, Multi-vitamins and Mineral Supplements for all age groups.


Each DURAVITA bottle contains 60 tablets. This quantity is designed to last for the period of two full months. Please refer to ORDER PAGE for size and format.


Each bottle contains a safety seal located inside the cap.


The FDA has not reviewed these statements. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease or illness.

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