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A focused test study for the past two years has produced astounding test results. Here is what some of them had to say...

CLIENT 1: “Thank-You so much for a wonderful product, which I believe was a major factor in preventing me from losing all of my hair due to chemotherapy...I continue to use your product, and since then I have noticed that my hair is growing at a rapid rate, and it is thicker than I ever would have imagined at this stage.”

CLIENT 2: “I can easily verify the positive hair growth by touch and from viewing the new hair filling over the balding area. The product works for me...”

CLIENT 3: “After 4 months of use I have noticed positive results, such as thicker/shiny/more manageable hair. Also some new hair growth. Without a doubt the best shampoo/conditioner I have ever used...”

CLIENT 4: “I have been using the products for the past three months and the results have been very positive. Once where I was thinning on the crown of my head, there is a growth of hair that is filling in the area that had been falling out for the past several years...”

CLIENT 5: “During the past 5 months I have diligently used your products as per the instructions. I am pleased and surprised to announce that my hair stopped falling out within a couple of weeks of initial use, now my hair has become thicker and healthier and I have started to notice my thinning crown starting to fill in with healthy course hair. I can no longer see that bald spot which seemed to be getting larger every week...”

CLIENT 6: “I had a bald spot on the top/back of my head. I was told there would be no growth on this area. Now after two years use there is quite a lot of new growth in this area. Also the back of my head has new hair appearing in some parts and remainder of my hair is beginning to thicken...”

CLIENT 7: “The entire top of my head was bald; I now am experiencing hair re-growth, and very pleased with the results...”

CLIENT 8: “My personal experience has been extremely positive. The ROOT SOURCE Restoration System has eliminated hair loss significantly. Furthermore, I have started to see re-growth in some areas. It is my belief that this product will provide for increased fullness if used regularly.”

CLIENT 9: “I have been bald on top for over 30 years, with some hair around the sides and back. Within 3 months of using the product I am experiencing hair growth of approximately 1 inch around the sides and back area up into the bald area. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use the product.”

CLIENT 10: “I experienced premature hair loss at the age of 21 and tried several other well advertised products with little or no results. Within 4 weeks of using your products my hair stopped falling out and in another 6 weeks I noticed new growth over my bald spots. I continue using the product faithfully and as a result my bald spots are filed in.”