Seven Stages to Success

Stage One: Contact Us

Stage Two: Discussions with the professionals

Stage Three: Research & Development
R & D Department at Manufacturers: What to watch for
The ROOT SOURCE R&D Solution
ROOT SOURCE independent formulators & chemists make the difference
Custom products: Made with you in mind
In-house Formulations: What is ours is yours
Total Body Formulations
Total Hair Care Formulations
Pure Essential Oil Formulations: Aromatics & Therapeutics
What makes our fragrances unique
Where do we get our inspiration from for our creations
How do we get our fragrance collection to you
RSPL Private Label fragrances lets you create your own dreams
RSPL inspirational series for Women
RSPL inspirational series for Men
Custom Order
Aromatis: Environmental Use
Aromatics: Personal Use
Aromatics: Industrial/Professional Use
Home & Industrial Cleaning

Stage Four: Marketing & Design

Stage Five: Production

Stage Six: Shipping, Receiving & Customs Documentation

Stage Seven: Sales & Success

Whether you are a mass retailer, chain store operation, professional salon or spa, travel and tourism industry participant or simply an individual that is looking for a new career opportunity, ROOT SOURCE PRIVATE LABEL (RSPL) Division., and its professional staff are here and dedicated to making your needs come to fruition. One phone call will put you in touch with the answer you have for:

Concept Development,
Packaging and Branding,
Silk Screen or Labeling,
Sales Strategies & Programs,
Distribution Planning,
Marketing Development,
Full R&D including pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals and natural/organic development,
Full product sizes from pouching to bulk and everything in between,
Customs documentations,
Shipping and Receiving.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the highest degree of professionalism and quality products and services. We have designed your Private Label experience to be one that is convenient, expeditious and cost effective. Above all else, you are in the hands of true professionals with a track record for bring products to market and having them STAY THERE!

Please review the following simple steps to bring your journey into the world of Private Label or click on ‘CONTACT US’ and e-mail us or call to facilitate a discussion on your unique requirements.



As the originators of the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ concept for Private Label development, we provide you with the full range of services you need to successfully and profitable complete your Private Labels projects. Simply follow the SEVEN STAGES TO SUCCESS and begin enjoying the gratification of your own products, the profits they provide and the client satisfaction you receive.

Stage One: Contact Us
Begin your journey to successful Private Label.

We believe in not wasting your time. We invite you to contact us as the first stage. Whether your contact us by e-mail, phone (international accounts are invited to use or toll free telephone number 1.866.599.9595) or snail mail, we want to briefly discuss what your thoughts and requirements are for your Private Label projects.

In this discussion we will discover two things together. One; Yes, we can help you and will begin taking steps to get you underway to successfully concluding your projects, or Two; we can’t assist you and will endeavor to put you in contact with those international companies we work with or are sure of their reputation, so they can help you. Either way we will do our very best to make sure your contact with us is a successful ‘first stage’ in your goal to obtain Private Label products or services.

Stage Two: Discussions with Professionals
Sales, Marketing, R&D Distribution and more...we cover it all!

Our wealth of knowledge in R&D, profitable and memorable packaging choices, pricing structures, marketing concepts, sales documentation, market distribution and other critical information is a valuable resource base for our clients. Our experience in the industry throughout North America and other global markets assures you that you will receive the best value for the best price in the most efficient time frame. We invite you to come in, phone or e-mail us for a frank and confidential discussion on your project and plans of execution.

We will endeavor to provide you with the basic information to make a sound and effective decision in starting or maintaining your Private Label plan. Our contribution to your business plan and product entry are design to guarantee you success out of the starting gate.

RSPL offer you continued FREE CONSULTATION as part of our services. Whether you need assistance in Pricing, Design, Printing or Production our dedicated Brand Managers will work to get you the best available in North America.

Stage Three: Research & Development
Creating what you want. When you want. Exactly as you want. Independently.

Beware the R&D Department at Manufacturers! What to watch for

R&D is by far the most critical element of your Private Labels experience. If the ‘stuff’ on the inside doesn’t work then it doesn’t matter what is on the outside. You will only ever sell it once.

1: There are many companies in the market that state they have a ‘chemist’ on staff. While that many be true for some, it is certainly not the case for most. Many companies employ staff that simple take existing formulation from ingredient suppliers and claim it as there own. With little education and even less real-market experience these companies charge the client for R&D costs.

2: Some manufacturers have certified chemist on hand. The challenge with in-house manufacturing chemists is their mandate is to use ingredients that are already in-house. This presents a problem in three ways. One; you are not getting a truly unique and innovative product because all their clients have the same ingredients. Two; Many of these chemist have not had any real experience in how your product is suppose to perform in the market. They create a textbook formula without really knowing how the product is to work. Three; when you have a formula that you know works and you take it to a new manufacturer, they will no doubt change the formula in order to save costs. In many cases you have no idea they have done so.

3: It is a common practice that while a manufacturer will say they will give you the formula (whether new or existing) they seldom ever do. By retaining the formula (the batching reports and recipe) they ensure that you cannot leave the without considerable hassle and aggravation. Even when they put it in writing, they still give you a formula that has had ‘alterations’ made ensuring your failure in another facility. When you go to enquire why the formula didn’t work at another facility, they will nearly always blame your ‘new’ chemist for being inadequate and incapable. Don’t think purchasing your formula makes a difference either – it won’t.

While there are absolutely manufacturing facilities that do honorable and fair work through their R&D departments, they are rare and few and far between. Manufacturers are fulfillment centers for Private Label clients. So many headaches would be avoided if PL clients used manufacturing to fulfill and not to create.

The ROOT SOURCE R&D Solution

RSPL works tirelessly to ensure that you avoid being taken advantage off and get the quality and uniqueness you are paying for. RSPL has a stable of experienced chemists and formulators that have first-hand knowledge in their fields of expertise. Whether it is a natural/organic based, neutraceutical, pharmaceutical, vitamin or supplement, you can be assured of the highest degree of QUALITY, ASSURANCE ad PRODUCT UNIQUENESS.

ROOT SOURCE independent Formulators & Chemists make the difference

Leading our team is our own group of RSI Directors of R&D. RSI established the importance to have a secure and trusted Independent collective of Chemists and Formulators on staff or as exclusive consultants for product development.

This ensures our client from conception to final product that they will always be in control of their formulations and not the manufacturer selected to develop the product. This control is a critical element to the success of the company developing the lines. Without the secured knowledge that the formulations work and can be produced anywhere, any time and never be ransomed by a contract manufacturer. At RSI we work diligently to create winning formulations that exceed your expectations.

Our Formulators will even go on-site to ensure that select fulfillment manufacturers get it right. The one thing about manufacturing a product is that it is all about quality ingredients and percentages. With the aid of our Formulators on-site working with selected manufacturers helps to ensure batching success and thus aid in reducing time and costs spent in this process.

Custom Products: Made with you in mind

You own the formulation

At ROOT SOURCE INC. you can own your own formulations. It is simply based on a base cost per hour to develop your product. You are charged for the number of hours it takes for you and our Formulators/Chemists to create the exact product you want.

Selecting the 'right' manufacturer for your project

Over the years we have discovered that certain Chemist, Laboratories and Manufacturing facilities offer a varied and often unique combination of skills and abilities. In working with these many North American venues, we have been able to determine first-hand and in real-time experience which companies and professionals are good at specific projects.

Let us source out the perfect match to your specific needs. In so doing, we can reduce your wait time and eliminate your time in doing the sourcing yourself. Our data base of professionals and companies can ensure that you will get the products you want, made the way you require at the price you need.

In-House Formulations: What is ours is yours

In the past decade we have accumulated and developed to market over 300 unique formulations that RSPL clients have access to. Ranging from high-end cosmetics (Hair and Skin care) to environmentally sound specialty products as Odor Exchange Systems and Enzyme Enhanced Laundry Soaps, RSPL has a vast array of products that you can take to market tomorrow.

Use these in-house formulations as a benchmark for your own Custom Products, or simple take it as is and enter the market with the confidence of these proven formulations. The choice is yours. All products are formulated with the latest ingredients and technologies.

A Select Example of the types of products available from our In-House formulations are:

Total Body formulations

Facial Cleansers
Face Wash
Hand & Body Lotions
Body Wash
Shower Gels
Eye Treatment gels
Facial Toners
Face Moisturizers for evening and daily use
Spray-on Lotions
Bubble Baths
Antibacterial Soaps
Facial Scrubs
Protective Facial Serums
Cleansing Gels
Facial Moisturizing Mist
Acne Treatments
Treatments for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis
Skin Repairing products
Foot Sprays, Wash, Moisturizers, Treatments and Scrubs
After Shave
Shaving Lotions
Skin Lightening
Body Refreshing Spray

...and many other quality products from natural to synthetic based properties.

Total Hair Care Formulations

Hair Restoration: Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir (Natural)
Daily Shampoos (Value to High end)
Pearlized Shampoos (Value to High end)
Clarifying Shampoos (value to high end)
Natural Shampoos (No DEA, Color, Fragrance or Sulphates)
Clear Shampoos (Value to High end)
Moisturizing Shampoos (Value to High end)
Tea Tree Shampoos
Dandruff Treatment Shampoos

Daily Conditioners (Value to High end)
Dandruff Treatment Conditioners
Shampoo Plus (2n1)
Intensive Conditioners
Leave-in Spray Conditioners
Tea Tree Conditioner
Natural Conditioners (100%)

Styling Gel Firm (No Alcohol)
Styling Gel Contour (Aloe base / no alcohol)
Spray Gel (Quick dry)
Spray Gel (No Alcohol)
Hair Spray (Firm, Light and Medium Holds)
Shine Drops
Shine Spray
Styling Cream
Styling Paste
Styling Fibers (Paste) name but a few.

Pure Essential Oil Formulations: Aromatics & Therapeutics

Aromatics: Personal Use

RSPL Inspiration Series: unique blends of essential oil perfumes and colognes

Facts & Stats about fragrance market

- 50% of all men use fragrance (Kline US Male Grooming Market)
- Over all market size of cosmetic fragrance US 47 billion.
- “Consumer appetite for natural aromas has grown insatiable over the years” Global Cosmetics Magazine 2004
- These naturals enhance beauty products, ranging from lotions to scrubs, shampoos to styling aids, household cleaners, candles to perfume.
- Trends for women in 2004/2005 is for floral with a deeper, muskier note
- Trends for Men 2004/2005 is for spicier notes; chili, pepper, cumin and cardamom.

What makes our fragrances unique

RSPL Private Label Division knows that fragrance is as unique and individual as those who wear it. Finding the right fragrance is one thing, knowing that it is natural, organic and beneficial for you at the same time is another matter entirely.

RSPL Private Label Division has worked tirelessly with a world-class perfumer to come up with a TOP 20 list of fragrances inspired by those created by Top Designer Names. Instead of covering your body in synthetic fragrances laden with skin drying alcohol and paying exceptional high prices, RSPL Private Label Division has followed the world trends and created high-end fragrances with pure essential and organically derived oils and tinctures. Following the lead of Designer fragrances, we have taken their benchmark and made it better.

These are not knock off scents by any means. They each are unique and stand alone on their original scented structures. The technology and process in which our scents are created is complete unique and distinct from those that use artificial ingredients and alcohol.

Where do we get our inspiration from for our creations

Each of our Private Label scents have been inspired by leading Designer brands but have departed from the ‘knock-off’ concept by including specific notes to make them highly desirable and attractive to the nose. Another aspect that makes our Private Label fragrances unique is the use of organic essential oils and extracts.

These pure and natural ingredients make our fragrances for personal use: last longer, offer a more pure tone, require significant less than alcohol based perfumes and colognes, provide the wearer with less or no need to reapply and allow for a more modest pricing structure.

How do we get our fragrance collection to you

Following is a list of fragrances that are among the industries top sellers. Check and see if your favorite perfume or cologne is available. We offer Perfumes for Women and Colognes for Men. If you want to sample a fragrance, 1ml Vial samples are available for you to test and trial before you commit to a final purchase.

RSPL Private Label Division offers you a beautiful way to start your day!

RSPL Private Label Fragrances lets you create your own dreams

Start a perfume line for women or a Cologne line for men. Scented Candles and other house hold products with high-end notes and tones. Elevate your personal care products with a drop of pure fragrance designed to inspire luxury and quality impressions.....the possibilities are endless.

RSPL has done the research and blending for you to simply add it to your product and begin selling.

RSPL Inspirational Series for Women

Product # 100
Inspired by ALLURE from the design house of Chanel.
Character: Facets shimmer and overlap, with no one note predominating. This fragrance swings between a fresh, cozy warmth, bubbly fruits and airy flowers.
Contains: Bergamot, lemon, jasmine, rose, vanilla, vetiver.


Product # 105
Inspired by ANGEL from the design house of Thierry Mugler.
Character: A love-hate perfume and a thoroughly modern one.
Contains: Bergamot, patchouli, vanilla.


Product # 106
Inspired by ANGEL INNOCENCE from the design house of Thierry Mugler.


Product # 110
Inspired by ANAIS ANAIS from the design house of Cacharel.
Character: Soft focus, soft smell, tender and innocent.
Contains: Bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, vetiver.


Product # 130
Inspired by CK1
Character: Ideal as a sensuous everyday splash.
Contains: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, rose.


Product # 140
Inspired by CHANEL # 5 from the house of Chanel.
Character: A true classic, and the smell of the 20th century. Chanel said ‘It smelt like women in furs’.
Contains: Bergamot, lemon, jasmine, rose, neroli, ylang ylang, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver.


Product # 148 (Unisex)
Inspired by COOL WATER from the house of Davidoff.
Character: Refreshing as the element it is named after.
Contains: Sandalwood, Jasmine.


Product # 149
Inspired by DOLCE & GABBANA from the house of Dolce & Gabanna.
Character: First there’s a bite of citrus, then a vortex of blossom.
Contains: Pettigrain, orange, lemon, basil, neroli, rose, coriander, sandalwood, vanilla.


Product # 150
Inspired by DUNE from the house of Christian Dior.
Character: A warm amber and musk fragrance.
Contains: Bergamot, mandarin, rosewood, rose, jasmine, patchouli, benzoin, sandalwood.

Product #
Inspired by the design house of Donna Karan
Character: Soft, floral fragrance with clean crisp notes of citrus.
Contains: Orange


Product # 165
Inspired by FIRST from the house of Van Cleef & Arpels.
Character: Lively and fresh, discreet and woody. A tender fragrance.
Contains: Bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood.


Product # 172
Inspired by HAPPY from the house of Clinique.
Character: A zingy, happy smell.
Contains: Bergamot, mandarin.


Product # 175
Inspired by HUGO BOSS from the house of Hugo Boss.
Character: A ‘get out of bed’ smell, a warm, likeable perfume.
Contains: Basil, jasmine, clove, sage, lavender, benzoin, pine, vanilla.


Product # 185
Inspired by JEAN PAUL from the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Character: Light, rosy and sweet, very wearable.
Contains: Rosewater, bergamot, lemon, ginger, cinnamon.


Product # 190
Inspired by JOY from the house of Jean Patou.
Character: One of the finest odors, with a symphony of diaphanous base notes.
Contains: Rose, ylang ylang, tuberose, jasmine.


Product # 210
Inspired by OSCAR DE LA RENTE from the house of Oscar de la Rente.
Character: A fragrance full of fantasy notes with a melony overtone and gardenias drenched in dew.
Contains: Cardamon, tuberose, vanilla.


Product # 218
Inspired by PLEASURES from the house of Estee’ Lauder.
Character: A blend of chiffon florals, baby soft.
Contains: Rose, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli.

Product # 253
Inspired by TOMMY GIRL from the house of Tommy Hilfiger.
Character: American wildflowers, a soft pleasant fragrance.
Contains: Mandarin, rose, sandalwood.


RSPL Inspirational Series for Men

Product # 182
Character: A sharp and masculine fragrance.
Contains: Lavender, orange.


Product # 219
Inspired by PACO RABANNE
Character: Sharp, masculine fragrance with a rich spicy blend.
Contains: Jasmine, Rose



5-7 working days for product in stock
6-8 weeks for product not in stock.


1 mL Clear glass vial with plastic stopper.
10mL Option one: A clear square shaped glass bottle with a sprayer application and white top.
Option two: A clear glass cylindrical bottle with roll-on applicator and white top.
30mL Option one: A frosted glass square shaped bottle with spray applicator and gold mettalic top.
Option two: A frosted glass cylinder shaped bottle with a spray applicator and gold metallic top.
50 mL Soft shouldered frosted glass bottle with spray applicator and metallic gold top.


Subject to change without notification. Please refer to the ORDER PAGE [BUTTON] for complete pricing on essential oils.

Custom Order

Larger volume sizes are available. Please indicate on the order form you wish to discuss a ‘CUSTOM SIZE’ and we will gladly return your call to discuss pricing and quantities.


Please CLICK here [BUTTON] to take you to the lists and pricing of our RSPL ESSENTIAL OILS AROMATICS and THERAPEITICS section. Fill in the required fields and your selctions and e-mail it to us. A representative will contact upon receiving your order and confirm all the details.

Or you can call us at our toll free number (North America) 1.866.599.9595


The use of the trademarked names is for the purposes of an ‘inspirational guide’ for your ease of selection and purchasing. The uses of these names are for reference only. We do not sell and have never sold the original designer brand perfumes. We sell only high quality natural perfumes created by our own sources. It is not our intention to mislead, cause confusion or infringe on the designers trademarks, but to offer natural, essential oil based fragrances at affordable prices.

ROOT SOURCE INC. disclaims any and all liability in the unlikely event of any adverse reactions to these products.

RSPL Essential Oils Aromatic & Therapeutic Products:
Aromatics: Environmental Use

Facts & Stats for Home and Industrial Fragrances

- In 2003 home fragrance market rose by 3.7% in sale to a total of $26 billion at the manufacturers level.
- Natural and essential oil blends will prove the leading trend for home fragrance market (GCI 2004)
- Specialty room products occupied 4.8% of the $26 billion dollar home fragrance industry.

The latest technology in Odor Control

RSPL ODOR CONTROL Division has created the next technology in odor control products. Ranging from Odor Exchange to Odor Neutralization systems, RSPL has developed a unique and proprietary set of formulations designed to effectively remove or neutralize malicious odors in any environment.

Our Odor Control systems are all natural based and include the use of pure essential oils and other organic ingredients.

Where is Odor Control used

Our formulations have been used successfully in applications designed to remove or eliminate odors in:

Cars, Campers and other Vehicles,
Houses and Industrial Building,
Restaurants and Pubs,
Crime Scenes,
Post-Fire Scenes,
Pet/Animal Spaces,

...and any other spaces and places that odors are a problem and need to be removed.

In-House RSPL Products available

Aromatics: Personal Use

200mL / 6 fl. oz TUB Stationary Format


200 mL/ 6 fl.oz. TUB: Stationary Format


Multiple Sizes REFILL


4 fl. oz. / 250 mL SPRAY format



1: ODOR NEUTRALING: no fragrance
33.3 fl. oz. / 1 Ltr REFILL


2: ODOR NEUTRALIZING: no fragrance
1 Gal / 4 Ltr TUB with Fan
(for extensive spaces and odor challenges)


Custom Packaging

You can provide RSPL with your own packaging and we will fill or we will assist you in finding a package suitable to your needs and that of your target market.

Order & Pricing

If you are interested in our RSPL ODOR CONTROL products we invite you to contact us via e-mail from the ORDER PAGE [BUTTON] or by call us on our toll free number in North America at 1.866.599.9595.

Given the nature of this area of Private Label development, we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss specific requirements and expectations in more detail.

Home & Industrial Cleaning

RSPL Home and Industrial Cleaning is an innovative division dedicated to bring you environmental safe solutions to your multiple cleaning needs. Whether at home or in an industrial/professional setting we have solutions to you cleaning needs – naturally!

In-House H & I Cleaning Products

1: Laundry Detergent:
(Natural formulation with enzymes or Citrus base)
2: Laundry Additives & Cleaner
(To remove carcinogenic particulates from clothing; Fire men and other emergency uniforms)
3: De-greasers
(Natural enzyme base for automotive, BBQ’s, patio furniture etc.)

Order & Pricing

Please contact us through the e-mail located on the ORDER PAGE [BUTTON] or by call us on our toll free (North America) number at 1.866.599.9595. One of your representatives will be glad to discuss your needs and find solutions.

RSPL Vitamins & Supplements
Internal Use

Facts & Stats for Private Label Vitamins & Supplements

1. Primary buyers at retail are women in middle to upper income households.

2. According to Information Resource Inc. Total supermarket, drugtstores and mass merchandisers (excluding Wal-Mart) for 52 weeks ending Oct. 3, 2004 say a Volume Sales in dollars tops $702 million.

3. The Private Label category in Vitamins & Supplements has seen a .5% increase in sales over the past year.

4. Cross Promotion will be a strong development in this area. Biotin known for strong hair development will be partnered with other B Vitamin members for internal use.

RSI Private Label Vitamins & Supplements – Quality Guaranteed

Production Excellence

Our production facility is your home for Vitamin & Supplements solutions – guaranteed. We understand that your first concern is the integrity of our products and the quality you deliver to your sales centers and their customers. RSPL guarantees our contents and quality in each and every tablet, pill and capsule we produce.

Our manufacturing facility is strictly operated under the CGMC (current Good Manufacturing Practices). Strict adherence to these guidelines ensures our customer that RSPL will provide them with the confidence they require to succeed in their Private Label endeavours.

Packaging Options

We are able to package in a variety of container and closure options as well as in any quantity you require. Let our Sourcing Staff locate the best price and best containers available from world markets and look after the logistics of shipping and receiving to our location, and to your location upon completion of the project.

Or bring your own packaging. You source your own packaging and we will ensure the fill takes place according to your expectations and requests.

Quality Personnel

Overseeing the entire operation is our experienced Senior Executive in Operations. Not only is this person a Certified Internal ISO9001 Auditor thus guaranteeing our clients the ultimate in assurance and satisfaction. Further, this key executive is obtained his degree as a Master Herbalist. This combined experience gives RSPL the ability to create new and effective supplements to combat a varied array of human deficiencies and challenges.

Work with our staff to make unique and proprietary formulations to ensure your product entry has a clear and secure path to retail success.

Your Own Formulations

Often we do work with clients who have sourced out in global markets exciting new products for the over all well being of the human system. However, they need a way to facilitate this ingredient to market and that is where RSPL comes into play. Whether the product is better capsuled or pressed into pill form we can help you determine this and provide samples to test stability and quality.

Bring your discoveries to RSPL and let us help you create a new world of supplements and vitamins.

In House RSPL Formulations

While we are able to do ‘anything and everything’, we have determined the ‘Best Sellers’ that appear in global markets. The following lists has proven successful in all world markets and are our leading sellers. We encourage you to take a look at this list and consider these fine in-house formulations as part of your marketing mix. Add these quality products to your unique line and reap the benefits of customer loyalty and sales.

For your perusal:
Basic Supplements

Men’s Multi-Vitamin

Women’s Multi-Vitamin

Children’s Multi Vitamin

Vitamin C Chewables (Various Flavours)

Cleanse & Digestion & Diet

Colon Cleanser





Intelligence & Super Learning


Mega Brian

B Vitamin


Immune Power

Chong Shou









Etc. Etc.

Further Details

* ENZYMES Counteracts the symptoms of improper digestion such as sleeplessness, heartburn, or a heavy bloated feeling. Much of the standard North American diet has no enzymatic activity. Enzymes once found naturally in our food are no longer available. Foods grown in depleted soil contains few enzymes, and heating or over-processing destroys many of the enzymes that remain. We deplete our body’s enzymes reserves every time we eat our usual diet, leaving few to perform healing functions throughout the body. Our Enzyme formulations contain plant-based enzymes formulated to assist the body in the breakdown of food.

** PROBIOTICS We all need a sufficient supply of friendly intestinal flora (probioticsto maintain a health colon but unfortunately this is not the usual case. Taking a stabilized, high-grade living culture can keep your internal environment properly balanced. Most probiotic supplements are freeze-dried and do not survive the hydrochloric acids of the stomach. RSPL Probiotics provides an exclusive, patented living culture (L. Salivarious and L. Plantarum) that flourishes in the small intestine, offering numerous health benefits. Probiotics literally digests toxins from the colon while producing helpful substances that fight against bugs and other invaders.

RSPL Vitamins & Supplements Order & Pricing

Please contact us through the e-mail located on the ORDER PAGE [BUTTON] or by call us on our toll free (North America) number at 1.866.599.9595. One of your representatives will be glad to discuss your needs and find solutions.

Stage Four : Marketing & Design
The right look. The right time. The right place. The right market.

ROOT SOURCE introduces our MARKETING & DESIGN Division. The creative segment of the ROOT SOURCE family has over 25 years of specific experience in bringing products to market and keeping them there. In the past ten years alone, this creative team has brought over 50 companies and 600 products into varying markets. Our fully digital in-house design division is unique to the private Label industry. While other companies are now following our innovation of One-Stop-Shop, no other can bring you the experience and proven track record the RSPL can offer you.

Whether you require art and production service for full four-color labels of silkscreen application, RSPL is capable of brings your visual concepts into reality. For clients not located in our area, we are fully capable of doing all aspects require via the INTERNET.

Market expertise ranges from Mass Retail and Chain Store applications, Health, Professional Salon & Spa and Industrial. A critical aspect of our marketing department is not just the ability to create attention grabbing, purchase inspiring brand visuals but also labeling that meets international stands.


One of the greatest down falls we experience with our clients is their use of designers who have limited or no labeling experience or knowledge. At RSPL, we know from experience that a successful product is more that a ‘pretty picture’ on the front of the package. Without appropriate and legal labeling information, products entering local and international markets can, and will likely be severely curtailed.

At RSPL we are dedicated to giving you labeling that works, informs and meets international standards. When the opportunity to expand your product into new markets arises, be sure you can take advantage of the opportunity expeditiously and with confidence.

In Addition

Contact us for a free CD presentation of what the RSPL Marketing and Design Division can bring to your project. In addition to award winning branding, our M&D Division can also look after you complete full-concept marketing needs:
Web Design,
Flash Presentations
Media and PR releases,
Sales and Educational materials,
Corporate Promotional materials,
Digital photography,
Corporate ID’s

…and everything in between. The Design Division will look after your complete needs, professional and successfully.

********(Click here for a Flash presentation of STC , RSI design division)*******

Stage Five : Production
Only the best will do for our customers.

RSPL knows and understands first hand that Production quality and efficiencies are critical to the finalization of a Private Label Product. Over the past decade RSPL staff have worked with many of the top production facilities in North America. Let us bring this wealth of knowledge to you.

Once our R&D team has produced your product, RSPL will then use our experience and knowledge to find the right manufacturer for your product. Why should you spend months of evaluating and resourcing manufactures to find one that is right for you, when we can do it for you in minutes? We get you your products faster.

The reality out in the Private Label world is some plants are good at production and weak in R&D. Some are excellent at R&D and unreliable at production. Some are simply bad or good at both. For most PL developers, whether they are independent or corporate, it is a crapshoot when sourcing production and R&D. The reality is that these PL developers only learn of a companies weakness when it is too late. When they have missed a production deadline, the product breaks-down due to poor formulations, unsanitary facilities and a wealth of other reasons. Why risk it when there is a simple and effective solution – RSI.

RSI helps you avoid the pitfalls of learning who is good at what because we know their individual strengths and weaknesses. Avoid the waste of money and valuable time by using our knowledge base to ensure your fast and effective product launch or entry.

Our understanding of ISO9000 requirements and other regulations makes it easy for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. RSPL acts as your partner in Private Label production. We know what is required, when it is required and make it happen for you. Regardless of the product, you can rest assured that your products will be made by the best in the field of expertise you require.


Once a facility for fulfillment has been selected, RSPL staff will use our knowledge of the industry to get you the very best pricing available. We know the cost of ingredients, packaging and production so it is difficult for a manufacturer to take advantage of our clients. When you save money in manufacturing, you can invest that savings into better packaging and better product.

Stage Six : Shipping, Receiving & Customs Documentation
Arrive at your door when you want it and how you want it.

Our trained staff are fully experienced in international trade. Whether you want a product shipped to the Asian and European markets or simply a destination in North America, you can be assured it will arrive safely and on time.

RSPL staff has shipped to nearly every country in the world. We are experienced in filling out the many required customs documents and dealing with those organizations and companies that guide your product shipment to its destination.

RSPL removed the uncertainty of shipping and receiving so you can focus on better things – sales!

Stage Seven : Sales & Success
Get out and make it happen. Let us look after the rest.

At RSPL we can take your concept through to finished goods in under 60 days given the right environment. We pride ourselves in bringing your dream to fruition expeditiously and effectively. Our attention to detail, our continued pioneering ONE-STOP-SHOP philosophy and our commitment to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION make us your logical choice in selecting your Private Label Development partners.

With one call, you can leave all the groundwork in our capable hands while you focus on developing your market. When we have completed the project, you will be ready to hit the ground running. You will be on your way to Sales and Success faster than you could ever have imagined. At RSPL we make your Private Label experience, painless, easy and above all pleasurable.

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