What is RAW Naturals?

RAW Naturals dedicated to the professional market.


Our commitment to 'Salon Only'.

Consumer retail available.

RAW Naturals 'World Distribution Centre'.

RAW Naturals Total Salon Therapy products are all infused with our exclusive and proprietary blend known as HAIRPLEX™.

HAIRPLEX™ Botanical Listings.

Mission Statement.

Suffering from hair loss or baldness?


What is RAW Naturals?
RAW Naturals is simply the most effective, natural and environmentally conscious hair care company for the professional salon, stylist and their customers. RAW Naturals Total Salon Therapy brings you strategic, natural products designed to cleanse, reconstruct and create styles for all hair types. RAW Naturals takes a therapeutic approach to hair health. Masking problems is simply not an option with RAW Naturals. Our formulations are design to assist in the reparation of hair problems and scalp disorders. Each product dedicates itself to correcting specific hair types while enhancing its natural condition and appearance. RAW Naturals restores life and vibrancy to every hair type.

RAW Naturals believes that healthy hair is reliant on a healthy scalp. We have designed formulations unique to each hair type and scalp condition. Whether you suffer from excess flaking due to dandruff and other skin disorders or just have oily or fine hair, RAW Naturals from Root Source Inc. (R.S.I.) is your source to healthy vibrant hair.

RAW Naturals has researched and harnessed the finest elements of nature and combined them with the most effective and refined scientific processes. These gentle and effective processes extract the power of nature from every ingredient used. Only the highest-grade ingredients are used and wherever possible our sources are certified organic or derived from natural source. As a result, each bottle is highly concentrated and only a small amount of product is required to achieve the desired results you are looking for.

RAW Naturals gives you the assurance that you are getting the best ingredients, the best price and the best result you can possibly imagine.

RAW Naturals dedicated to the professional market.
RAW Naturals Total Salon Therapy is a professional Salon line dedicated to bringing the highest quality and latest innovations in product development to the professional market. The founders of RAW Naturals have been working in and servicing the professional market for over 25 years and understand the importance of the professional salon worker, owner and industry.

We offer complete salon support including Education from a licensed Design Team headed up by Stehpen Fahlman [PICTURE]. With multiple years of Platform education, salon ownership and styling our Team will ensure the highest degree of education training and knowledge. Our education program includes: Product Knowledge, Styling & Design classes, School Programs, Salon Business Programs and much more.

Together we can build a new environment between stylist, owners and product manufacturers.

As we all know, the world of the professional salon owner and stylist (including the spa/aesthetic market) has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. What was once a sea of selection of both products and distributors has now shrunk down to only a few mega distributors who offer limited product lines. This trend of products and distribution outlets being ‘bought-up’ by these mega companies has seen an increase in the deliberate ‘diversion’ of once ‘professional-only’ products into the mass retail environment. The reason for this is the professional products that were once solely the domain of salons, are now owned by companies dedicated to the mass retail market.

These companies are not at all interested in the integrity of the ‘salon-only’ commitment. They are interested solely in making the most sales, the most money and the most return on investment for their shareholders. The proof is all around you. Go to any major drug store or food outlet with a beauty section and you will see the entire top selling ‘salon-only’ products lined up on the shelf.

If it were truly Diversion, it would be more likely you would see only one or two product brands and specific products. But this is not the case. You see the entire lines from every single brand available. This doesn’t indicate diversion, it indicates direct sales.

Even though companies run ads and promote legal battles in the name of Diversion, these actions should be considered suspect. If they were indeed serious about Diversion, it simply wouldn’t happen and certainly you would not see the continued presence of their entire lines on the shelves of every mass retailer in both the US and Canada.

Our commitment to 'Salon Only'.
RAW NATURALS Total Salon Therapy products are only available to stylists, salon owners and the global consumer. RAW NATURALS does believe however that times have changed in the Professional world and that of the consumer with regards to product access.

The reality is that many of the distributors that operated in the Professional environment have been bought up or closed down due to the mass purchasing of both distribution outlets and products. The fact is, the Professional has become more restricted and limited because of this mega down-sizing and mega outlets.

This trend has limited the distribution possibilities of new products entering the market and thus limited the Professionals ability to get their hands on new and innovative product lines. RAW NATURALS WORLD DISTRIBUTION CENTER resolves this by making RAW NATURALS available at a click of a button. If RAW NATURALS is not officially distributed in your area, you have total access to this great product line via your computer and this website to go SALON DIRECT.

Get what you want. When you want it.

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Consumer retail available.


Consumers also are able to purchase RAW NATURALS at full salon retail prices. This consumer support will serve to develop loyal product purchasing in your area. Our SALON LOCATOR will enable you to list your salon so consumers can immediately purchase their RAW NATURALS products from you salon. If consumers order from our web page and they are in your salon area they will be notified of your salon and encouraged to purchase their products from you. We encourage you to be a part of the SALON LOCATOR by submitting your information to us and we will list you on our web site.

Together we can rebuild the salon business with choice and opportunity for us all.


RAW NATURALS does not believe in denying anyone the right to experience our products and services. Whether a stylist, salon owner or a client, everyone has the opportunity to purchase and use RAW NATURALS products and other products from ROOT SOURCE INC.

We encourage every consumer visiting our site to check first with their nearest salon, or the SALON LOCATOR, to see if they carry our RAW NATURALS Total Salon Therapy line. However, if there is no salon or professional stylist in your area that carries it, or is willing to order it in for you, we invite you to call our toll free number or log onto the web site www.RootSourceInc.com to place your order.

Once we have received your order, we will process it and calculate shipping cost and call you back directly with the costs and expected delivery date. We believe that this personal touch and communication will give you the assurance of order confidently over the net.

RAW Naturals 'World Distribution Centre'.
RAW NATURALS knows that many Distributors are looking for new product lines that are dedicated to them and their professional clientele. The change in the industry has seen your many years of hard work and product building yanked out from underneath you. You have been left with no product, no income and having to let go employees that have been with you for years.

RAW Naturals will remain committed to bringing you the finest and most trusted service. We believe that the Professional market is one of reverence, trust and integrity. Yet, today this market, and how we distribute to it, has change. At RAW Naturals the World Wide Web has allow us to reach across the world in seconds.

Salon owners and stylists can log on to www.RootSourceInc.com and access our DISTRIBUTION network. You no longer have to have a distributor in your area to gain access to our products. You no longer have to be denied the use of a product because of lack of area distribution. Today, any stylists or salon owner, no matter where they are located in the world, can log on to our WORLD DISTRIBUTION CENTRE.

Ordering is as easy as filling out what products you want to purchase, your request for samples and other marketing and sales materials from our web site, or simply by calling our 1.866.599.9595 toll free number and talking directly with our Sales personnel. Fill in the required information and preferred method of paying and the products are on the way to you, your salon and your clients.

Simple. Easy. Access at your fingertips. The new generation of Salon Distribution.


RAW Naturals Total Salon Therapy Products are all infused with our exclusive and proprietary blend known as HAIRPLEX™.
HAIRPLEXTM is a revolutionary blending of 15 herbs and botanicals collected around the world. Research into a new and proven effective hair growth formula began in 2000 by RAW Naturals parent company ROOT SOURCE INC. (R.S.I.). A leading and respect bio-chemist has worked for several years researching and developing this outstanding combination of extracts proven to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. RAW Naturals Salon Therapy products have the only exclusive right to use this special HAIRPLEXTM formulation in its line of fine products.

The results of including HAIRPLEXTM in our quality line of Salon products is with daily use of RAW Naturals you will get a regular dosage of HAIRPLEXTM each and every time you use a Shampoo, Conditioner or Leave-in Spray. This will ultimately keep the hair root and scalp in optimum condition to promote healthy hair growth and work to prevent hair loss. This, in addition to the therapeutic ingredients found in our specific products, makes RAW Naturals the most effective and powerful Hair Care system available in the market today.

While HAIRPLEXTM is a proprietary formulation (a secret known only to R.S.I.) we have included a broad list of most of the ingredients that make up this revolutionary blend.

HAIRPLEX™ Botanical Listings.
Extracts of: Aloe Barbadensis Juice, Boldo Wood Tree, Burdock Root, Camellia Oleifera, Red Cinchona Bark, Coltsfoot Leaves, Comfrey Leaf, Fleece Flower Root, Ginkgo Biloba, Horsetail Silica, Matricaria, Nettle, Persian Walnut, Rosemary, Saw Palmetto.


A rich emollient known to promote healing to damaged or dry hair and skin. A natural sunscreen with soothing and moisturizing properties extracted from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. Widely used in cosmetics for treatment of burns, insect bites, cuts, and skin and scalp irritation. Biodegradable.

Derived from the leaves of the Boldo Tree, this pure extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that will detoxify and stimulate follicle wall and root surface. This creates a perfect growing environment between the two surfaces. Boldo is rich in ‘boldine’ known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic effects.

The roots, seeds and leaves contain the essential oil of this common roadside plant. It contains nearly 45% inulin and many minerals. Herbalists use it for skin diseases, blood purification, urinary problems, and as a tonic. Cosmeticians use it to soothe the skin. It is used to treat cuts, burns and minor skin traumas. No known toxicity.

A tropical Asiatic evergreen shrub or small tree with reddish or white flowers. Used to scent perfumes and add fragrance to hair care products. No known toxicity.

Red Cinchona is a plant native to South America. The tincture derived from this bark, is know to tone and strengthens the follicle wall and root. Works to purify these two inner surfaces as well as the surface of the scalp. It assists in the healing of minor scalp disorders and is an excellent cleanser.

Used for its soothing properties. It is high in Silicic Acid and the Amino Acid Cystine, present in the hair protein keratin. Helps to strengthen and promote hair growth.

Known for its healing and emollient properties it is a source of mucopolysaccarides (a humectant which is a basic component of skin) and Allantoin, which promotes soothing and stimulation for healthy hair growth.

Among the most powerful tinctures documented to produce dramatic results in preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Works to restore the firmness and elasticity of the follicle wall thus giving new hair growth a strong platform on which to grow and to secure current hair shafts giving them the strength to retain their placement. Also, this naturally derived tincture stimulates new cell growth and promotes rejuvenation.

Used for its antioxidant properties, which also contains bioflavonides. It is an astringent and improves circulation. The Chinese have used this herb for close to 5000 years to slow the aging process.

Known and used since the Middle Ages, it is considered as a remineralizing agent of first choice, namely for brittle nails and hair. It is also an excellent source to create added elastin, to strengthen and add natural sheen to the hair.

Extract of the flower heads of Matricaria Chamommila. Used to add “sun light” to hair and accentuate natural highlights. Is a soothing medication for contusions and other scalp inflammation. This highly charged antiseptic has been used since ancient times as a moisturizer and cleanser of skin and hair. It is effective in treatments for dry, reddened, burned or sensitive skin and hair.

Contains various proteins, amino acids, phytosterols and vitamins, it adds shine and gloss to hair. Will stimulate scalp and improve circulation. An infusion with rosemary produces cumulative results in hair growth and scalp condition. This herb is rich in Vitamins A,B and C and other minerals. Only the root and leaves of the prickly plant of the genus Urtica are utilized. Noted for its tonic properties and is biodegradable.

This tincture is naturally derived from the leaves of the Persian Walnut. Known as a powerful healing agent for dandruff and other minor scalp disorders which could (and do) affected proper hair growth. Works to reduce swelling and irritation of poor-performing follicles. A superior yet gentle astringent to cleanse the scalp and follicle areas.

Adds high sheen to hair while rich in vital nutrients. Known for having an antibacterial effect and was highly regarded as a medicinal plant centuries ago. It helps in reducing skin inflammation and dandruff. Stimulates blood flow in order to bring nutritive elements to hair bulb. Also helps to enhance highlights.

Adds body and sheen to hair. A common stem-less plant of Southern Florida and the Indies. Contains anti-inflammatory agents, carotene, tannin and estrogenic substances. It is a strong expectorant.

Mission Statement: All RAW Natural Products are.
1. All 100% Guaranteed.

2. Made with a natural preservative.

3. Made with the potent proteins, which are non-organically modified, or non-mutinagenic).

4. Contain ingredients that are organic, organically certified and/or derived from natural sources (whenever possible). Every RAW Natural product contains a specialized combination of botanical extracts combined together to form our own unique and proprietary HAIRPLEXTM. Derived from roots, stems, leaves and flowers, HAIRPLEXTM provides the consumer with the daily nourishment and fortification it needs.

5. Fragrance: A mixed blend of pure essential oils and botanical tinctures comprise all the fragrances used in RAW Naturals Total Salon Therapy products. A blend of no less than three fragrances are used in order to ensure that our custom blends cannot be ‘knocked-off’ by competitors. This ensures our loyal customers that they will always be able to identify our unique products by fragrance alone.

6. Hypoallergenic formulation, Eco-wise Products and our corporate philosophy; Cruelty Free, and Recycling (where facilities exist).

7. All hair products are pH balanced between 4.5 and 5.5.

8. Are enhanced with an exclusive combination of naturally derived Proteins.

9. Product of Canada and Made in Canada.

10. As organic, pure and natural as the health of our clients and customers permit.

11. Each product contains a natural sunscreen, non-paba barrier to protect hair.

Suffering from hair loss or baldness?.
Hair Loss prevention and Hair Growth promotion is a specialty area from ROOT SOURCE INC. (R.S.I.). If you or your client is suffering from these challenges we encourage you to click here [BUTTON] or go to the home page and click on HAIR RESTORATION SERIES to see how we can help you correct and prevent this challenging hair problem.

Our solution for the prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth is all-natural and a proprietary formulation only found at R.S.I. See why hundred of people have found sanctuary in the R.S.I. HAIR RESTORATION SERIES.

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RAW NATURALS is a new and innovative opportunity for Distributors looking for new and reliable products to bring to market. Please contact us via this website or contact our Distribution personnel to discuss how we can work together in your market area.

Success through Partnering!

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