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Free your mind with design!

ARTISTIX is a series of Styling & Finishing products designed to give your imagination a little creative therapy. ARTISTIX products are a fast and creative way to alter and enhance your haircut. Mad and messy to tamed and controlled...take one cut and create several looks simple by using the many high quality styling and finish aids on your hair. Made from the most natural ingredients available and designed to perform greater and easier than your expectations could imagine.
Have fun!

THERMICA Heat Protection Spray
8 fl. oz. / 250mL e ORDER

THERMICA Heat Protection Spray is a superior thermic styling and shaping product. Designed to protect the hair from use of hot rollers, curling iron, waving iron and other heat oriented tools. Leaves no residue or flaking. Will not stick to the iron or burn hair. Specifically enhances style when used with blow dryers, flat irons, ceramic irons, waves, crimpers, hot rollers and velcro sets. Obtain high quality ‘wet-set’ hold on dry hair. Optimizes wave and curl. USE ON DAMP OR DRY HAIR.

SOLID Firm Gel
8 fl. oz. / 250mL e ORDER

Natural. ALOE BASE, NO-ALCOHOL formulation to prevent the drying out of hair shaft. Great for colour treated of chemically processes hair types as well as natural hair types. Firm hold. Good to set waves , obtain the hard‘n’spiky look, mould finger waves and more. Adds huge volume when blow-dried into hair. Excellent for placement curls on the side or nap of neck. Water-soluble. Reliable placement for ethnic hair types. USE ON DRY OR WET HAIR.

VERSITA Contour Gel
8 fl. oz. / 250mL e ORDER

Totally ALOE BASE with NO ALCOHOL thereby nourishing the hair without drying it out while providing reliable holding power. The most versatile gel on the market. Acts like a mouse and gel mix (lightness of a mousse and a glaze of a gel). Both Firm and Medium hold. Excellent for waves/sets creating bouncy results and volume fullness. Bodifies the hair by adding texture. Superior for permed or damaged hair and roller sets. Excellent choice for ethnic hair types especially those with generically kinky hair. USE ON WET OR DRY HAIR.
Blow-dry: Beautiful volume builder if blow-dried into hair. Adds lots of shine.
Air-dry: Leave to air dry to create crispy, hard set. Break apart after drying to create total hold with natural look.

MODIFI Texture Paste
4 fl. oz. / 125 mL e ORDER

Straighten or Detail without the use of harsh chemicals with this medium hold design paste. So light it feels like nothing is in the hair. Leaves hair just soft and bouncy.
STRAIGHTEN: Excellent hair straighter. Blow dry naturally curly hair straight – gets hair flat and straight without taking away fullness. Apply to wet hair as a straightener (note: when you begin to see steam you know it is done) by applying product evenly with comb. Recommended to straighten in sections. If there is a lot of curl, again straighten in sections.
DETAIL: Finger through the hair or SCRUNCH curl into the hair for total definition and curl enhancement. Excellent product for current men trends and for bang treatments. Achieve large volume hairstyles by activating the natural wave.
DO MORE... To tame frizz and achieve a soft polish curl, use MODIFI Texture Paste then follow with TWISTER Fiber Paste. Combine with VERSITA Contour Gel for added control and body.

TWISTER Fiber Paste
4 fl. oz. / 125 mL e ORDER

Huge volume. Mad and Messy styles. Place it – control it. Highly versatile, medium, pliable hold. Excellent on fine hair for separation and definition. Multiple textures for all hair types. Get fun, trendy, mat finish, edgy looks. Completely water-soluble. Get curls that stay together. Blow-dry into the hair for maximum body (Note: Use sparingly to avoid a greasy look).
MEN: use for cowlicks or receding hairline challenges by blow-drying in to control growth patterns.
Direction: Put amount on fingers and fingertips. Hold fingers together to slightly warm product. In a repeat motion, move fingers together and apart like a small clapping motion and watch as the tiny fibers appear. In a circular motion, twist the fibers into the hair – surrounding the hair with the fibers.

BLING Shine Sealant Drops
4 fl. oz. / 125 mL e ORDER

NON-OILY FORMULATION. Use alone or mix with other RAW NATURAL ARTISTIX Styling & Finishing products. Dramatically increases natural shine with out oily feeling on hands or hair. Combine with RAW NATURALS Therapeutic Conditioners/Treatments in a 3 to 1 ratio of shine to conditioner. Combats static while ensuring manageability. Excellent way to calm natural curls. USE ON WET OR DRY HAIR.

RAW NATURALS is currently working on three new Total Salon Therapy products to join our family of natural wellness and healing products for hair. Watch for the exciting releases of:

STATUS Anti Aging Therapy
For grey and aging hair types.

With the ever-increasing age of our population, the fact is simple the world is going grey. For many colouring their hair to cosmetically ward off the signs of aging is the best solution to this maturing process. However, there is a significant number of people that like their grey hair. They wear it like a badge, feeling like they have earned it. It is like a status symbol, displaying their accumulated wisdom and knowledge. While a beautiful and healthy head of grey hair is often socially appealing, many with grey hair experience a dulling, brassy, yellowing tone to their hair.
This decolorization is not natural. It is caused by a number of reasons, among them being the use of artificial color in low-end shampoos and conditioners, environmental elements, smoke, iron pipes in homes, chlorine and other factors. STATUS Shampoo and Conditioner will remove unwanted decolorization while preparing the hair against these unwanted elements. Now you can have bright, appealing, silver hair that radiates confidence and style.

FORTIFI Color Therapy
Featuring colour safe and enhancing ingredients.

The reality of life is people color their hair. Whether young and punked up with highly intense fashion colors, to the soft and demure tones of the gently ageing sect of our society that wants to retain their youthful appearance. For each individual that color treats their hair two things are sure; One; it costs a lot of money to have the chemical serve done and you want it to LAST as long as possible, and Two; it feels great on the hair for the first week and then your hair turns into the texture of straw as the chemical service physically removes the critical moisture from both the inside and outside of the hair shaft.
FORTIFI Color Therapy by RAW Naturals will arrest the fading of your color treatment. Its primary function is to work with the color pigmentation in the hair and extend its life on the hair. As a result, your color remains more intense and long lasting. Second, the FORTIFI line works to restore the moisture and nutrients in your hair to restore its natural and healthy appearance.

Professional Therapy
Available to Professional Stylists only.
PROSURE Technical Therapy
Formulated to assist the professional stylist in post and pre chemical service and other related treatments.
In addition to good chemical-service products, the one thing that can make or break an excellent chemical service is perfectly clean hair.

PROSURE Technical Therapy
EXPOSE Shampoo

Is designed to remove all detrimental elements such as styling products and environmental deposits completely from the hair shaft. From the root to the tip, you can be assured that EXPOSE will leave hair in the optimal condition to accept any chemical service.

PROSURE Technical Therapy
TARGET Conditioning Treatment

Has been designed to repair and restore hair to its most optimum condition possible prior to chemical servicing. Many stylists are faced with clients that want chemical servicing but their hair is in such bad shape that any such service runs the risk of their hair breaking, snapping or simply falling out if done without first taking steps. TARGET Conditioning Treatment will often repair hair in one intense treatment to make it possible to receive chemical services. Or the stylist can simply treat and style the hair until such a time that they are sure a chemical service will take without causing unwanted damage.

PROSURE Technical Therapy
PREP Spray

Is a unique and easy to use pre or post chemical spray. Use before perms to make wrapping easier and to even out the porosity of perming and ensure an optimal result. Also use as a post perm spray for technical cutting and conditioning without affecting the service and not weighing the hair down. After perms it will close down the cuticle layer ensuring curl definition.

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