James Crosty & Paul R Thompson

Root Source Inc. was co-founded by James Crosty and Paul R Thompson. These two world-class experts in natural Cosmetics and Private Label development created two award-winning companies that reached international success in less than a decade.

James Crosty
Paul R Thompson

Hands on Experience

The first company, CAQTI Cosmetics Inc. (1990 – 2003) was a professional Salon and Spa corporation providing hair and skin care essentials to the professional industry. CAQTI spearheaded the ‘natural movement’ in the professional salon industry. This line consisted of over 40 product entries and was distributed worldwide. It was a leader in natural product development for this discerning market and was recognized by Faith Popcorn, as a product line that is “right on trend.”

Relevant Private Label Experience

These gentlemen also created Liquid Labs Ltd. (1996 – 2003), the first and original One-Stop-Shop private label/contract packaging for clients wishing to bring their own products to the world markets. This operation was a 20,000 sq. ft. located in super natural Vancouver British Columbia Canada. This private label facility manufactured high-end cosmetics and other products for corporations spanning the globe.

It was the first of its kind in North America to provide clients with a full service capability. This full service included: Research and Development, Component Sourcing (bottles, caps, product boxes, shipping boxes), Batching and Production, Branding, Corporate ID packages, Website Development, Professional Consulting in Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Silk Screen Printing, Label Printing, Shipping and Receiving. By combining all these services under on roof, Crosty and Thompson elevated the world of Private Label to a new benchmark and to award winning status.

Their Private Label experience alone has seen this professional team bring over 150 brands to market in the past 7 years alone. This astonishing number of clients and products shows that Crosty Thompson work tirelessly and expeditiously to satisfy a clients need and desire to entry a product into the global markets.

International Experience

Their combined international experience is a significant contribution to ROOT SOURCE INC. Crosty Thompson has worked together with clients from: Austria, Switzerland, USA, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, several Arab Nations, Britain and more. Seldom do Private Label clients get such a rounded experienced team to use both as developers and sounding boards. This experience has allowed this duo to learn the many idiosyncrasies and customs in each country to assure the success of products or services preparing to enter these many nations.

As a result of building these two businesses into world-class status, Crosty & Thompson successfully obtained an acquisition of CAQTI Cosmetics and Liquid Labs Ltd., by a European based buyer in 2003.

Successful Marketing Experience

In addition to these two award-winning companies, the professional duo co-founded the multi faceted marketing firm of STC Communications (Sales, Trade & Communications). In the 25 years of operations, this firm has become synonymous with full service, expert creations and specialist in the marketing needs of Private Labels clients and those in the Personal Care industries. While the company has broad experience with clients ranging from real-estate developers to agricultural products, their primary focus has been in the world of Cosmetics, Neutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and related areas.

Awards & Acheivements

Crosty & Thompson have a proven track record of creating companies and brands that win recognition by both consumers and industry peers. In the past, these two professionals have led companies;CAQTI Cosmetics Inc., Liquid Labs Ltd. and STC: Sales, Trade& Communications to win prestigious awards and recognitions such as:

Business of The Year (1999) Enterprise Magazine (Vancouver) (pic)
Business & the Arts (1999) Second Place award with Vancouver Board of Trade (pic)
Business Excellence Award 2000 (Surrey Chamber of Commerce) (pic)
Business Person of the Year 1999(Nomination for James Crosty (SCofC)
Business Person of the Year (2000) Nomination for Paul R Thompson) (SCofC)

Exclusive Memberships

Crosty & Thompson were awarded in 1999 the prestigious position of being the only two Western Canadian professionals to be a part of the world famous BRAIN RESERVE created by Fortune 500 Trend Specialist FAITH POPCORN (New York City, NY), author; POPCORN REPORT & CLICKING.

A Team like no other

Together, their ability to understand the global market place has led them to become industry leaders. James Crosty is a specialist in sales strategies, operations, finance and sourcing with over 25 years of related experience. Paul R Thompson is an expert in full-concept marketing also bringing over 25 years of proven experience to the table.

Together, or individually, this dynamic team will work with you to ensure your experience is both successful and rewarding. Whether you are interested in one or more of ROOT SOURCE INC.’s In-house product lines or interested in creating your own unique brand, these individuals will work hard to assure your satisfaction and success.

Today, Crosty & Thompson have created the next generation of in-house products and Private Label opportunities. ROOT SOURCE INC. continues to be your experts in One-Stop-Shopping for all your private label/contract packaging needs, as well as our own natural and organic based in-house products and brands.

Team Conclusion

This outstanding group of experts will assure your success - no matter your product or service need. Let ROOT SOURCE INC. take care of every aspect of your requirements in a professional and expeditious manner.