What does XTOL mean?

What is the XTOL Men's Club?

Why bother using XTOL Skin Products?

Our Commitment to males.

What makes it simple to use.

What makes XTOL work?

The four elements of Skin Care.

What you do with your life makes a huge difference.

Caring for your XTOL Men's Club Products.

What does XTOL mean?
XTOL is a spin on the word EXTOL. In the dictionary Extol means: to praise highly.
The parent company of XTOL, Root Source Inc.(R.S.I.), wants to do exactly that. Five years ago, R.S.I. developed their highly successful hair growth product line, The Restoration Series for those suffering from hair loss. From this experience, the founders have developed an incredible bond with the men on the program and realized that ‘retaining their youth’ is important to them all, regardless of whether they are 18 or 80.
As a result, XTOL Men’s Club was born and continues to serve men the highest quality products specifically designed for use by men.

What is the XTOL Men's Club?
XTOL Men’s Club is a complete skin and body care line designed specifically for men and their unique needs. Whether you work in an office or outside, your skin takes a beating. Compound environmental conditions with a poor skin care regimen and you have skin that is aged and wrinkled before its time.
XTOL Men’s Club was developed and researched by men, for use by men, throughout the world. Our purpose is to extol the virtues of men everywhere. Men the world over are looking for a simple (Practical) and effective(Tactical) way to retain their youthful looks or to reclaim them, depending on their age.
Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada the creators of XTOL (Root Source Inc.) have committed to using only the purest water, organic and natural derived ingredients and the latest in technological advancements in skin care treatments and ingredients.
In so doing, XTOL offers a simple system for men’s skin care solutions.

Why bother using XTOL Skin Products?
As all men know, the last thing on their minds is to spend extra time maintaining healthy and youthful skin. From their teens to maturity, men traditionally ignore their skin. In fact, the sign of wrinkles and graying hair has been considered a ‘status symbol’ to most men, a sign that they have paid their dues sort-of-speak. Even women have accepted the aging of men. Some women think it is sexy but it is more likely that women really just liked the fact they were able to appear younger than a male companions.
Today the world of men is different. Today’s world is a ‘YOUTH CULTURE’. Men are not defined by wrinkles, gray hair and an increase in their belt size. Today, success in the work force and the ability to attract the sex of your choice are all predetermine by how young, healthy and physically fit you appear to others. These days of ripped abs, youthful complexion and other youthful attributes will enhance, if not determine your business and personal success.
Today’s male, we believe, understands this new ‘healthy and fit’ movement to be a real one. While all men can wrap their brains around the concept of a ‘work-out’ to keep their bodies in shape, most do not even think, let alone consider how to retain the youthful appearance of their skin, particularly their face.
This is where XTOL Men’s Club products come to the rescue.

Our Commitment to males.
Our mandate is simple. To make men look their very best with the least amount of effort. In a few simple steps each day, men can maximize their appearance to match their zest for life and the work they do in gyms and by living an active lifestyle.
And if you don’t work out or lead an active life-style....then we are committed to making it look like you do!
With XTOL Men’s Club products, we are not increasing the amount of time and effort you need to look your best. We are only increasing the quality of the products you use.

What makes it simple to use.

Men not only want a younger appearance but also need it. The challenge is they really do not want to have to work at it. The last thing a male wants to do is spend endless hours in the bath room the same way they have seen women do to retain their youthful appearance.
XTOL Men’s Club has developed an entire skin and body system of products that will reduce the time spent on maintaining your appearance while achieving the maximum result possible. Continued use of XTOL will see the texture, tone and overall appearance of your skin change regardless of your skin type.
XTOL Men’s Club products are divided into two categories; Skin and Body.

What makes XTOL work?
You walk down the isles of any drug store, super market or even at a professional skin center and you will see a multitude of products scream Vitamin E, A and C. That was yesterday’s technology.
XTOL has worked tirelessly to create a line of products that uses only the latest advancements in skin care. The common ingredients used in our superior product line included such items as:
MALIC ACID (a pure form of glycolic acid. Gentle and effective in exfoliation products)
HYALURONIC ACID (a superior hydrating agent derived from cucumbers)
POLYSYNLANE (the highest quality ‘carrier’. Refined from high quality, cosmetic grade olive oil)
PLANT POLYPEPTIDES (stimulates collagen production and is a superior ingredient to fight wrinkle and other signs of ageing. Also know as Matrixyl.)
BOTANICAL EXTRACTS (derived from the cold pressed extraction of the root, stems and leaves of specific plants known to aid in skin rejuvenation.)
VITAMIN POSPHATES (the latest technology in Vitamin efficacy. The strongest and purest form of vitamins allowing for the deepest penetration into the skins tissue and creating the maximum results possible.)

The four elements of Skin Care.
What the NEW MALE needs to know that in skin care there are basically only four necessary elements, or steps to a great skin care regimen. The four elements are:

This is simply the act of cleaning the SURFACE LAYER of the face or body. It removes environmental elements such as dust and pollutants and other matter that coats the skin and can clog the pores if not removed. But the key to healthy, youthful skin is ‘proper cleansing’. If done properly, the skin will always be clean but not over stripped. Often men think that after washing their face the face should be dry and void of any sheen. This is wrong.
Every man cleans his face, but most men use a bar of soap, the same one they wash their body with. Most often these products are purchased in a drug store or super market environment and cost very little. Again most men think ‘soap is soap’, and the decision to purchase ‘soap’ is a matter of price. Nothing could be more incorrect than that assumption.
The simple fact is soaps, whether in bar or liquid form, that are purchased in a food or drug environment are ‘HARSH’. The pH levels in these products are generally much higher than the natural pH balance of the skin. So what does this mean?
When you use soap you ‘strip’ the face of all its beneficial properties that keeps your skin healthy. Simply, with continued use of these products your skin will dry out and as a result will begin to form wrinkles, create skin flaking, increase the size of the pores and other harmful effects. The result is dry, tired, acne and/or aging skin.
So how to correct it. Spend a little more and get a superior product. The adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ never was more true. If there is one thing that will set your ‘first impression’ off to a good start is a healthy, vibrant, and youthful appearing face.
Please refer to XTOL Men’s Club PRODUCT REVIEW for the answer to proper cleansing.

A big complex word that has a simple meaning. While CLEANSING removes the surface dirt from the top of the skin, EXFOLIATING removes the old or dead skin from the first layers of the skin. The result is to expose the new layer of skin underneath.
Skin is like snakeskin. It sheds layers of skin cells as they die off. Unlike a snake however, these dead cells do not come off once a year in one piece. Instead, everyday your skin sheds dead skin cells, to expose the underlying ‘new layer’ of skin. As this new layer is exposed the skin shows a more vibrant, healthy sheen, which identifies true health.
When you exfoliate your skin, the products used are designed to remove as much of the dead skin as possible with as little irritation as possible. Of course you can go to a dermatologist and have your face surgically exfoliated, which will remove the entire first layer of your skin. This always leaves skin red and sore for a period of time till the new layer heals. While some men with ‘rough’ or scarred’ skin may choose this option it is not recommended or really necessary.
There are three different types of exfoliation product. One; Micro exfoliation with uses enzymes and acids (common acids are Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acids), Two; Physical exfoliation with uses small grains, seeds or beads to remove the dead skin and Three; Gum exfoliation which uses a sticky, gum like approach to pull dead skin from the surface.
XTOL Men’s Club EXFOLIATING products are designed to quickly and effectively remove the dead skin from its upper-most layer. Relax! No one will know you’ve exfoliated your face. Although, YOU will notice a marked difference in the appearance of your skin as you continue to use the product.

Did you know, that “all aging starting with childhood up to the age of sixty is from exposure to UVA and UVB rays” (leading aesthetician Richard Johansen). This is commonly referred to as ‘photo aging’. The Sun and exposure to environmental elements makes you look old. The more exposure, the greater the damage. Protecting the skin is critical to keeping the skin young and healthy and will keep it that way as you age. Tanning may look cool, but in twenty years your skin will show all the signs of this over exposure to the sun. Deep creases on the skin are not an appealing sight.
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one million new cases of skin cancer occur each year.
Skin cancer (melanoma) accounts for more than 10,000 deaths.
UV rays are linked directly to premature again causing wrinkles, roughness and loss of elasticity.
Not all sunscreens are created equal. You get what you pay for.
Serious sun burning (even just one) in childhood can lead to serious permanent effects. Most children have many burns in their development.
Some exposure to the sun is good; the sun can ward off depression and enable us to process vitamin D
You are being exposed to harmful UV rays even when there are clouds and the day is hazy.
ORGANIC protection is the combination of natural, organic ingredients to protect the skin. All ingredients are found in nature. Their properties often allow for deeper penetration into the skin tissues offering critical protection.
CHEMICAL protective ingredients are also known as Inorganic. Inorganic is mined and form a physical barrier on the skin. This barrier sits on the top of the skin tissue and can often lead to poor skin conditions after prolonged use.
There is no question that global warming is seeing many changes in our environment. Simply put, the sun’s UV rays are more intense than ever and getting increasing worse every year. While there are many sunscreens on the market, again, what you pay for is equivalent to what you get. Not all sunscreens are alike.
XTOL offers only the latest technology in its sunscreen products. It is recommended that a SPF factor of 30 to 45 works to eliminate the damaging effects of the sun. We cannot encourage men enough to select a XTOL Protection Product that best suits your life style. XTOL works to ensure that your skin will retain its natural elastin properties while providing a totally natural appearance to your skins texture and appearance.

This is the one element of good skin care practices that most, if not all men, over look from their youth till their senior years. If only men realized that a simple, 30 second application of a quality moisturizer in the morning or evening would greatly improve the condition of their skin and thus their appearance.
Even young men should replenish the moisture properties of their skin after they wash. Doing so will ward off the signs of aging for many years. Maturing men also need to recognize the import of replacing the critical moisture properties to their skin. The times have changed. No longer is dry, tired skin on men a ‘macho’ thing to have. Looking after their skin and body is key to social acceptance and personal confidence. Moisturizing helps you obtain both.
XTOL offers a series of moisturizing products specifically designed for your skins’ needs and type. Daily use of these products will work to prevent the formation of wrinkles /creases and will work rapidly to reduce the signs of ageing. Let 30 seconds take away 30 years of ageing.

What you do with your life makes a huge difference.
You may not know this but there are life-style factors that can make a massive difference between having great skin and poor skin. Here are a few for you to consider.
CLIMATE: If you live in a warm climate seasonally or annually cleansing is required more often. This helps to remove excess oils and perspiration. Colder climes require more gentle cleansing practices. Moisturizing and Protection are required in both situations.
DIET: What you eat and drink are essential to your skin condition. You can never have enough water although it is determined that 8 glasses of water a day is likely the right amount. Avoid unhealthy food choices as this will not only affect your skin but body as well.
STRESS: Think positive and stay happy. Sounds simple but such a mindset will assist in good skin. Stress can play havoc to your skin, from breakouts to rashes and more. Get lots of rest, use relaxation methods or sport activity to burn that stress out of you body..
IMPROPER SKIN CARE: Use of harsh products will do damage to the skin over a long period of time. Usually this effect is drying and flaking.

Caring for your XTOL Men's Club Products.
XTOL makes the smallest batches possible to assure freshness and efficacy of ingredients. We recommend that your products be used within ONE-YEAR period of time. If you choose to store your products to lengthen their life, we recommend you store them in the refrigerator. For daily storage please keep in a cold, dry place.
Do not expose to extreme heat or cold. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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